Teracotta Foliosa: Lichen facade bricks


BPro RC7 2018/19
Students: Kexin Zhang, Yanghui Yan, Tian Du
Tutors: Richard Beckett, Javier Ruiz, Marcos Cruz
Project Support: Shneel Malik, Ruby Law, BMade

Terracotta Foliosa: Research of bioreceptive materials has shown that lichens can proliferate on terracotta composites. The project took these results as a starting point to develop a new type of terracotta bricks assembled to create a bioreceptive wall system with curved brick junctions and window frames. Each brick was conceived as a separate “organ” that operated in a network of bricks to create a full “organism” that was able to breathe, filter, and maintain water to feed lichens.

An internal water channelling system was designed to carry nutrients and moisture to specific areas of the wall surface, while multiple-scale porosities of the material allowed to regulate the transport and storage of water. Figs. 7.7– 7.8 Digital and fabricated aggregations of interlocking components with environmentally driven growth zones for different lichen strains. Fig. 7.9 Bioreceptivity growth testing of lichen strains on different terracotta substrates


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