Sweet CoRnCrete

BPro RC7 2019/20
Students: Andrew Metzler, Mariana Madriz-Bonilla, Hegen Wu, Jingwen Zhu
Tutors: Richard Beckett
Project Support:  BMade 

Sweet CoRncrete explores corncrete as a novel material for architectural design.

CoRncrete is a sustainable biomaterial proposed as an alternative to concrete where the raw ingredients can be grown (starch) rather than mined.  Developed by Kulshresththa et al, 2017 (1), sand and water, mixed with corn starch can be poured in to moulds and hardened in a few minutes in a microwave to produce a strong material similar in strength to bricks that become discrete units for architectural applications.  The group exploits computational tools and digital fabrication through 3D printed moulds to propose architectural proposals based on geometrical perfect packing logics following a biomaterial led approach to design. The cheap, easy and extremely quick fabrication process offers multiple architectural applications, and explores in particular the notion of community participation in design

1. Kulshreshtha, Y., E. Schlangen, H. M. Jonkers, P. J. Vardon, and L. A. Van Paassen. “CoRncrete: A corn starch based building material.” Construction and Building Materials 154 (2017): 411-423.





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