Study RC7


RC7 operates on the MArch Architectural Design programme (BPro) at The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL. This programme explores the frontiers of architecture and design, with an emphasis on the latest technological advances, particularly computation and robotics.


The course attracts students from around the world, and from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds. You do not need to have an architectural background to study on the course. Applications should be directed to the MArch Architectural Design (AD) programme which RC7 is situated within. If you have any questions or  would like any further details contact us below.

Members of RC7 specifically develop unique skills that bridge innovative computational design, materials, fabrication and laboratory protocols. This makes former students and researchers highly desirable in a wide range of architectural practices and laboratories with a particular focus on computational, ecological and bio design. The cross-collaborative nature of the work allows RC7 students to work individually as cutting edge designers and as part of greater teams that are exploring new design agendas that respond to the increasing environmental challenges in our cities.

Work produced in RC7 is also regularly exhibited and presented in international events, including (2014), Biofabricate (2015), Biosalon (2015) and the forthcoming Ecobuild in London (2016). Projects have been disseminated in publications such as The Atlantic, Co-Design / Fast Company Magazine, B.Pro catalogues and the forthcoming edition on architecture as synthetic biology in Architecture Quaterly / Cambridge University Press.