Rainb[o]w: by Richard Beckett and Aleksa Rizova

RAINB[O]W is a lightweight, hanging geometric canopy proposal for 2013 Project Space at Tent London. The installation consists of a fabric-like array of paper structures digitally designed to articulate a generative undulating roof canopy defined by natural systems.

The project investigates design research into physical and digital form-finding processes for minimal surface structures through dynamic mesh relaxation techniques. The hanging fabric canopy defines spatial conditions and curates specific viewpoints allowing the users to immerse themselves in colour whilst providing atmospheric effects through the colour-changing tiling effects. The installation attempts to explore diverse scales ranging from the macro surface, tiling system, and leading to the assembly of the fabricated paper sheets

The colour of the paper tiles will change depending on the amount and location of people moving through the space. LED lights will be installed above the canopy to sensor movement patterns. RAINB[O]W consists of hundreds of paper profiles. These will be assigned a specific RGB value and printed using a simple laser printer and A4 paper. The cut-outs will be assembled in clusters thus making it very quick to assemble (less than 20 hours to build and 10 to disassemble). The clusters could be repositioned according to the space allocation thus making the design very spatially flexible.

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