Additive Layer Manufactured Fur Tiles at SCIN Gallery for Clerkenwell Design Week — By Sarat Babu & Richard Beckett

Started as a commissioned investigation into the possibilities of BREAD’s material research for application in interior surfaces, Cilia is a set of selectively laser sintered surface tiles made up of tens of thousands of fibres. Each tile is made from a single piece of Nylon, yet its surface is soft to the touch.

Through the use of digital modelling and Netfabb’s Selective Space Structures software every element of geometry can be controlled and tweaked to the designers intent. Allowing control over each tile in terms of visual impact and feel. Cilia challenges our notions of not only the geometric but material possibilities of Additive Layer Manufacturing and shows how the combination of modern modelling and manufacturing allows us to control these elements with an unprecedented level of detail that traditional processes cannot match.

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