Myco Mensa: Mycelium Table

BPro RC7 2018/19
Students: Chen Shen, Yufei Lin, Lingwei Shi
Tutors: Richard Beckett, Javier Ruiz, Marcos Cruz
Project Support: Anete Salmane, Carolina Ramirez-Figueroa, BMade 

Myco Mensa aims to develop a digitally controlled self-growing, filamentous mycelium composite (myco) for the design of a table (mensa). In order to strengthen the interlocking geometries of a 3D-printed cellulose filament that resulted from a differential growth script, Pleurotus ostreatus (white oyster mushroom) was grown in and around the material. Key to the development of the project was the study of how mycelium growth determines the physical properties of this bio-composite as an interior and exterior, as well as structural building material, and the relationship of it with the surrounding environment for future growth.

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