BioIlluminescent Plateau

BPro RC7 2016/17
Students: Marisa Dewi, Sara El Jamal, Ding Hao, Idil Yucel & Jeng-Yeng Li
Tutors: Richard Beckett & Javier Ruizz
Project Support: Bmade

‘Bio luminescent Plateau’ is a bio receptive urban thoroughfare project for the borough of Camden, London. The project uses the concept of a horizontal platform as a public space where urban greening is achieved through the growth of photosynthetic microorganisms, including bio luminescent mosses, fungi and microalgae as an architectural proposal exploring the intersections of biology and design.


The project is made up of three main geometrical components that multiply and assembly to form multi-functional zones. The plateau itself consists of three main concepts for its inhabitants: functional walking spaces, biological growth zones, along with seating and transitional areas. The different areas are linked by material specifications and geometric gestures.


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