BPro RC7 2019/20
Students: Yang Gao, Joy Georgi, Wanqui He, Jingwen Zhu
Tutors: Richard Beckett
Project Support:  BMade 

Antimatter was a 1 year research project undertaken within RC7 at the Bartlett School of Architecture led by Richard Beckett. The project explores novel, flexible approaches to the fabrication of complex freeform geometries which can act as a scaffold for the integration of living matter in to architecture within the field of biofabrication.

The project uses a hybrid system of robotic fabrication methods including hot wire cutting, material extrusion and bio-fabrication methodologies to fabricate complex, thin shell structures using living and semi living materials.  Robotic hot wire cutting was used to produce quick, cheap, reusable double curved formwork. This formwork was then used multiple times as a base upon which to robotically extrude material, allowing for multiple and complex variations without the need for many different moulds.  Computational approaches including differential growth and shortest path algorithms were developed, driven by structural and environmental data sets and applied directly as robotic toolpaths.  The project also explore a freeform approach to fabrication of complex curved geometries within a support gel body through rapid liquid printing of hydrogels containing living organisms.  Photosynthetic organisms including algae and cyanobacteria were chosen for data modelling and site specific locations and orientations were selected in order to define growth niches within the shell structures.




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